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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good-bye Shalom Guesthouse!

I spent my last night here in Shalom Guesthouse. I am just starting to really love it here. I love my room! It is bright and cheery and has lots of windows. I am waiting here for Ram to come and take me over to my new flat where I will spending the rest of my stay. It will be nice to be able to unpack and settle in.
I went out for dinner last night with Ross and Andy, two fellow Shalom people. Andy is also an NMP student here on an elective at Patan Hospital. They took me to Downtown Restaurant and it was really good. I had palak paneer and naan. It was delicious! Andy is leaving for home today and Ross is leaving in a week. Feels like everyone is leaving Nepal just as I arrive!
Katie is taking me to Dhulikhel this afternoon after work via bus. It will take about 2 hours to go 30 kms. We will stay overnight with one of her friends and then do a small hike Saturday then head home. I am looking forward to getting away from Kathmandu for a bit and breathing some cleaner air! It is already getting to me. Last time I was here I spent more time in places like Nagarkot and Godivari so it wasn't quite so bad. Kathmandu is dusty and smoky and polluted by cars and motorcycles. I can't stop sneezing!
So I won't be blogging tonight and not until later tomorrow. I know you will miss me. :)


  1. Hi Jane
    I sure hope you like the apartment, I'm sad that you have really liked Shalom but have to leave now.

    Enjoy Dhulikel, perhaps you will go to Namma Buddah (amazing).

    CA didi

  2. Hi CA
    I love the apartment! That garden is beautiful! One thing to know is that there is only one spot to get internet - no wifi. When there are 2 people there it might be hard.

    PAHS has wifi though so it's okay.

    Looking forward to Dhulikhel.

    Jane bahini

  3. Wow, I wish I could join you in Dhulikhel. Have a wonderful adventure, Jane, and please take and post some photos for those of us stuck at home.

  4. More polluted than NYC?

  5. It is SO much worse than NYC that they really don't even compare. I can't really describe it and it's worse than when I was here last time only 2 and a half years ago!

  6. Jane, I've stumbled on your blogg and read with interest. I may be staying at the SGH this looks good value... and you seemed to enjoy it. By the way, this is my first ever glogg-entry!!!

  7. Fantastic! Nice to hear from you Charlie and you will love SGH. What are you doing in Nepal?

  8. We're looking at working with one of two charities - International Nepal Fellowship or Esther Benjamins Trust - after I stop working in a few years time. Give me time to learn the language! I see you're form BC - I drove from calgary to VCR via Jasper last Ocotber in a Winni, with my wife and sister-in-law and her hubbie. Wonderful country.